Harlequin Strain

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Harlequin strain is a 75/25 sativa dominant strain renowned for its reliable expression of CBD. Harlequin is approximately 75% sativa, although it lacks the characteristically strong cerebral sativa high due to the mitigating presence of CBD. It can alleviate the aches associated with joint pain and stiffness. It can also have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial as a medication for fibromyalgia and neuralgic pain.

  • Type: Sativa
  • Genetics: Columbian Gold x Thai x Swiss Sativa
  • Woody x Earthy x Flowery
  • Happy x Energetic x Relaxing x Focused x Uplifted

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Harlequin strain has a standard ratio of CBD to THC in Harlequin is 5:2. Cannabis lab Analytics 360 has measured samples of this strain at between 4% to 10% THC and 6% to 15% CBD. Harlequin strain is known to offer pain relief from both mild and chronic conditions.

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2 reviews for Harlequin Strain

  1. Marion Budden

    Harlequiin has been nothing short of a miracle for my varied health problems. I am 30 years old and had not done cannabis before. I was researching ways to heal my gastrointestinal inflammation and bleeding, which contributes to most of my other problems (allergies, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, exercise intolerance, etc) and decided to give cannabis a try. I did some other strains before trying a high CBD, low THC strain. I didn’t really enjoy the spaciness most highs impart; I’m one of those people that really likes my brain being as active and engaged and coherent as possible, so other strains just bored me. I really need my short term memory intact, too; that drives me crazy. So I got a strain of Harlequin that’s 15% CBD to 7% THC. Three hits gets me high, so I take two in the morning and two at night and I can function normally. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING WHEN I SAY HARLEQUIN HAS TURNED MY LIFE AROUND. Before, I would eat a very restricted diet (restricted form of paleo) to avoid all my food allergies, eat all organic, eat as much raw food as possible, etc. Even doing all this, and taking probiotics and enzymes, was not enough to really help my digestive tract much. I would feel considerably better than when I didn’t do those things, but I’d still low on energy, and I still had exercise intolerance, and so on. My first week on Harlequin I decided to test if cannabis was as effective as I’d heard on some medical forums. Ulcerative colitis patients were saying it stopped their bleeding entirely, and I found that hard to believe but I figured they had no reason to lie, and most of these people sounded like they had worse GI problems than I did too. So the first day, I ate a bunch of things I usually can’t eat at all. I waited for the stuffy nose, the feeling of being hit by a truck, the need to nap… nothing ever came. My stomach never got upset. I thought surely I’d feel it the next morning — I will always, always wake up with a stuffy nose and sore all over if I eat so much as extra sugar — but nope. I woke up feeling better than ever. For a FULL WEEK I just ate complete junk AND I FEEL BETTER THAN I EVER HAVE IN MY LIFE. – No more gastrintestinal bleeding. No more related pain, either. – My dietary histamine intolerance is gone completely. This is good news for my love of tea. – Normally my skin would be pallid and oily, and my face would be puffy, and I’d be breaking out. My skin looks vibrant. – My normally messed up circadian rhythms are correcting themselves: after years of sleeping 12 to 16 hours from sheer fatigue, if I go to bed at 3AM I actually have trouble sleeping past 9AM, but I feel rested and alert! I’ve only been on the Harlequin a short while but my sleep schedule has been creeping back to something “normal:” I’m going to gradually sleep earlier and waking up earlier. I’m curious to see if this will turn into an 11AM to 6AM sort of thing, which would be nice. – I had almost ZERO PMS symptoms, though mine were never very bad. Considerably less bleeding, too, and I usually have a day of heavy bleeding. – My exercise intolerance is gone! Before, my low blood pressure meant my heart had to shoot up to 220+ bpm just to get oxygen to my cells if I did any sort of cardio. It was never enough, either, so I could faint. And I always felt TERRIBLE afterwards: no sort of endorphin rush whatsoever, I just needed to nap. I went to the gym again after doing Harlequin and exercise is MUCH EASIER: my heart rate never went over 175 and I had no problem running. I wasn’t tired, or in any danger of fainting, and the best part is when I was done, I FELT GREAT THE REST OF THE DAY. I’ve actually found myself getting the urge to go exercise, even on days that I’ve already exercised, when I never get that urge at all normally. I CANNOT BELIEVE JUST DOING CANNABIS DROPPED MY HEART RATE 50BPM INTO NORMAL PEOPLE TERRITORY WHEN MONTHS OF STUBBORN DETERMINATION TRYING TO WORK OUT DIDN’T DROP IT EVEN 1BPM. I sound like an informercial but I cannot get over this. – Similarly, I do not want to nap or feel like I’m going to pass out if I’m in 85F+ weather anymore. I just feel fine! So it’s having a positive effect on my low blood pressure. – Libido seems to be incrementally increasing with use. I think this is a function of my hormones balancing, probably not a direct effect of a compound in Harlequin. Harlequin appears to be doing a lot of wonderful things to my hormones, whether directly or because my stomach isn’t complicating matters I don’t know. But I don’t care. I will probably do Harlequin for the rest of my life, unless I find something similar. I doubt most people will have results as dramatic as mine, particularly if they haven’t had a slew of difficult-to-target health problems, but maaaaan. If you have any of the issues I’ve described, I urge you to get some. I wish I had this decades ago.

  2. Hilary Coull

    Good for daytime use, kept me energized and social throughout work, came home and its also good for night time. Relaxation creeps up on you with this one before you know it zzzz

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